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CBD May Help Ease Anxiety During Back-to-School Stress

Transitioning out of the relaxed dog days of summer into back-to-school mode in August/September (depending on your school district) is a hectic time for everyone involved – the parents, teachers, and kids.

But you don’t have to face the music on your own. Help is on the way.

If you’re a teacher or parent, now’s the time to fortify your supplement arsenal to prepare for the onslaught of orientations, open houses, new deadlines, new social relationships, and upended schedules.

CBD, as we’ll explore here, has a wealth of scientific research documenting its sleep-promoting, neuroprotective, and anxiolytic (the technical term for “anxiety-killing”) properties to make back-to-school time a breeze.

Using CBD as an all-natural anti-anxiety therapeutic

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that chronic anxiety impacts a full one-third of the US adult population. If you’re a parent, you’re likely one of them. You might feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world’s worries on your shoulders.

Stress burden, anxiety from work difficulty and overload, problem in economic crisis or pressure from too much responsibility concept, tried exhausted businessman carrying heavy messy line on his back

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If you have battled anxiety and sought care from a medical doctor or psychotherapist, you likely were prescribed a benzodiazepine – a powerful class of drugs that includes Valium, Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin – to help manage your symptoms.

While benzodiazepines are incredibly effective in the short-term at tamping down anxiety, they also potentially come with a slew of negative side effects, especially with long-term, chronic use:

“Long-term treatment with benzodiazepines has been described as causing impairment in several cognitive domains, such as visuospatial ability, speed of processing, and verbal learning… Such findings suggest that patients should be advised of potential cognitive effects when treated long term with benzodiazepines.”

Obviously, as a parent or teacher, cognitive impairment is the polar opposite of what you want.

In addition to benzodiazepines’ side effects, chronic use – even in moderate dosages – results in “physical dependence in [a] high percentage of patients in long term treatment with benzodiazepines.”

The natural question arises: what alternatives do patients have for common anti-anxiety drugs?

The respected medical journal Neurotherapeutics is bullish on CBD’s clinical utility for treating a variety of anxiety disorders:

“Existing preclinical evidence strongly supports CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive–compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when administered acutely… Current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

Similar science-based findings have been published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research and elsewhere.

And, in contrast to benzodiazepines, research has also demonstrated that CBD is “safe, well tolerated, has few adverse effects, and demonstrates no potential for abuse or dependence in humans.”

CBD exerts neuroprotective effects in clinical research

Unchecked stress has a way of diminishing your brain’s performance. CBD may prove an effective prophylactic intervention to prevent the effects of stressors on cognitive function.

Research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shows that “CBD acts in some experimental models as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti-oxidant, anti-emetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent,” which translates to a potential treatment for ”neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia,” among other applications.

If it can potentially treat epilepsy and brain inflammation, then tackling the everyday stresses of back-to-school is likely nothing for CBD to take on.

Keep your sleep schedule intact through the trials and tribulations with CBD

The CDC estimates that as many as 35% of US adults don’t get enough sleep.

Did you get enough sleep last night? 35% of U.S. adults are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night. Graphic of a man laying on a couch in the dark typing on a laptop

Source: US Centers for Disease Control (public domain)

Adequate sleep is absolutely essential for optimal cognitive function and mental health. Most experts, like those at the Sleep Foundation, recommend 7-9 hours of shut-eye each night to reap the greatest restorative benefits of sleep. A minority of the population, likely due to genetic differences, requires less sleep.

Getting enough sleep is important for all organs’ function in the body, but it’s particularly crucial for brain function:

“Sleep has been proven to improve memory recall, regulate metabolism, and reduce mental fatigue. A minimum of 7 hours of daily sleep seems to be necessary for proper cognitive and behavioral function.”

And, the more stress you’re under (like at back-to-school time), the more opportunity for recovery your brain needs.

On the other hand, insufficient sleep poses numerous, and often unexpected, health risks. The risks are so real and expansive, in fact, that some researchers have called to classify chronic insufficient sleep as a “major noncommunicable disease”

“Global figures indicate that insufficient sleep is associated with serious adverse health and social outcomes. Moreover, insufficient sleep has been linked to seven of the fifteen leading causes of death.”

So, what can you do to improve your sleep quality?

In addition to small lifestyle adjustments – such as moderating food intake before hitting the sack and going to bed at the same time each night – clinical research has established a firm relationship between supplementation with CBD (and other cannabinoids) and sleep improvements.

In addition to CBD supporting improved sleep, the researchers also noted its superior safety profile compared to other medications commonly used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders:

“In our study, we saw no evidence of a safety issue that would limit future studies. In this evaluation, CBD appears to be better tolerated than routine psychiatric medications.”

Sympleaf’s 100%-organic, lab-certified CBD products are second to none

Here’s the lowdown on Sympleaf’s high-end CBD oil and CBD-infused products:

  • Sourced from organic hemp (no pesticides, no harmful chemicals)
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  • Full-spectrum CBD (meaning it contains all the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, not just CBD, which contribute to the “entourage effect.” Learn more about the entourage effect.
  • Third-party lab-certified. We’re committed to transparency and truth in advertising. Not only do we vet our products ourselves; we go the extra mile to contract independent third-party labs to analyze our CBD products for purity and potency.
  • CBD oil tinctures are mixed with MCT oil to facilitate more efficient absorption into the bloodstream where the compound can work its magic.

If you’re just starting out on your CBD journey to improved mental health and optimized cognition, consider trying our full-spectrum CBD oil first.

Dropper bottle with Full Spectrum CBD Oil that may help reduce back-to-school stress

Sympleaf’s terpene-rich 100%-organic full spectrum CBD oil

CBD oil is a popular supplement form because it’s super easy to use – just squeeze the recommended amount into your morning or evening beverage.

But, if versatile oil’s not your thing, you’re in luck. Sympleaf offers an array of products containing therapeutic doses of our proprietary CBD – ranging from CBD edibles to CBD softgel capsules to CBD suppositories.

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