Power up your endocannabinoid system to push physical limits, achieve your goals, and maximize your recovery with Sympleaf sport products. Formulated with natural ingredients to boost energy, maintain focus, and jumpstart the healing process. 

CBD Sport FAQs

What is Sympleaf Sport?

Sympleaf Sport is our sports line specifically formulated with natural ingredients to maximize recovery. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a mall walker, we have the products for you to make sure you have everything you need for maximum recovery. 

Why Sympleaf?

We could tell you that “we care about the quality of our products,” but the truth is much deeper than that. We’re downright OBSESSED with making sure our customers only get the purest, most potent, and effective CBD on the planet—because that’s what you deserve.

It’s why we ensure our products are of the highest possible quality by using only organic, non-GMO hemp that’s never been exposed to the kinds of harmful pesticides and chemicals found in other CBD products. 

In an industry filled with brands looking to ride the wave of CBD’s popularity, Sympleaf is here to make sure you get the highest quality products on the market at a price that can’t be beat. 

At Sympleaf, we understand the importance of what we put into our body, and it’s why we take such incredible steps to guarantee a consistent quality our customers can trust.

Sympleaf Sport 

With so many great sport products to choose from, it’s impossible to go wrong with one of our sport products . Each of our unique Sympleaf Sport products has something for everyone. 

Within all our sport line, you’ll find the perfect blend of sport related products that offer the additional benefit of CBD. These include our:

CBD Pre-workout Capsules

Good things come in small packages with our tasty CBD-infused gummy edibles. Available in a variety of flavors, each is packed with the vitamins and nutrients you need to. Choose the right gummy to fit your needs and add a dose of delicious to your day.

CBD Lotions

After a hard day’s work, your body naturally builds up minor aches and pains. For better relief at the end of a long day, our CBD lotions are a perfect fit for the job. Infused with beneficial CBD and a muscle-relaxing salve, our balms are designed to melt away tension while smelling good enough to eat.

CBD Capsules

Looking to get your day’s dose of CBD all at once? Then try our CBD Soft Gel Capsules. Each of these tiny pills is packed with high-grade CBD to give you just the right amount of CBD to begin or end your day on the right note.

CBD Tinctures

If you want to feel the full benefits of CBD even faster, our CBD tinctures are the way to go. With just a few tasty drops under your tongue, you’ll get all the effects of CBD in a fraction of the time while still giving you the flexibility to add your oil to your favorite foods and drinks. 

CBD Aromatherapy Pens

When you need a little punch of CBD goodness on the go, there’s no better source than a CBD aromatherapy pen. Each of our aromatherapy pens is packed with 200mg of highly concentrated CBD to give you a blast of flavor with every hit.

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