1:1 CBD:Delta 8 THC Oil


750mg CBD Broad Spectrum / 750mg Delta 8 THC

1:1 Ratio Tincture.

1 full dropper is 25mg of CBD / 25mg of Delta 8 THC

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD and Delta 8 extracted from Hemp. Does not contain Delta 9 THC.

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions .2 × .2 × 1 in

1 review for 1:1 CBD:Delta 8 THC Oil

  1. Marissa

    I usually get the 25 mg delta 8 gummies from this company and split one in half every other day or so (the gummies always work) but I wanted the delta 8 with cbd benefits, so I got this. It has no taste at all. Any CBD or delta 8 I have ever taken has a distinct taste. Some stronger than others but this only tastes like I’m taking straight MCT or olive oil.
    I took a full dropper on day one. 2 hours later, I didn’t feel in the least bit relaxed like regular cbd or delta 8 does, so I took another full dropper. I never noticed anything. A week later, I decided to try again. This time I started with 4 full droppers. It has been 3 hours and I feel a very mild relaxation that regular cbd gives at lower doses. Next time I’ll start with 5 droppers, which is insane because that would be 83 MG and that is over 4 times the amount of delta 8 I normally take. Maybe they just put MCT in the bottle with maybe a little bit of cbd but forgot the delta 8? It’s definitely not worth the price when I can get the gummies at $20 cheaper and split them in half and get way more relaxation.

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