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Your dog will be living their best life with our line of pet-friendly CBD products. Looking to assist in keeping your animal relaxed and calm? Our newly-expanded pet line includes oils, chews and treats to support your beloved pet and ensure they are always at ease, no matter the situation. 


Why choose Sympleaf Wellness for your Pet?
We know your pet is a part of the family and that’s why all Sympleaf Wellness CBD pet products are only made with the highest quality ingredients. 

How do I decide which product is best for my dog? 
You know your furry friend better than anyone out there. As you watch feed them other tasty treats or supplements you can which type of treat they would prefer.

Our pet chews are good for pets that have a difficult time with harder treats and prefer softer treats. 


Our pup treats are good for younger dogs or dogs that have no problem with dog bones or harder treats. 


Our pet oil is good for pets with a tricky palate. You can add our pet food to their everyday oil or any treats that they already enjoy.