Top Travel Tips for Dog Owners

We love our dogs, but let’s be honest: traveling with them can sometimes become an ordeal. With skyrocketing gas prices and unprecedented flight cancellations, travel is already stressful enough without having to console your out-of-sorts pet. Here we have top travel tips for dog owners. Of course, some dogs are better travelers than others. However, […]

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBD For Veterans?

CBD for Veterans may offer potential relief. Veterans returning from active duty to a civilian role often face a new kind of battle: adjusting back to normal life. The emotional and physical scars from their time in the service frequently follow them home. A large proportion of military members report difficulty reintegrating into society and […]


With the rise of Delta-8 THC and ever-changing laws, cannabis users understandably have some confusion about the nuances of cannabis laws and how they apply to the various products of the hemp plant. Here, we’ll get into the legality of Delta-9 THC, how it compares to Delta-8 THC, and other issues pertaining to the cannabis […]

Delta-8 101: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Keeping up with the wide world of cannabinoids – like CBD, CBG, and THC (Delta-8 and Delta-9), just to name a few – can be overwhelming. Here, we’ll take a deep dive into all things Delta-8 THC, including covering the crucial distinctions between Delta-9 THC (which is illegal in Georgia and at the federal level) […]

Terpenes 101: Demystifying the Bioactive Compound

Many plants contain aromatic compounds called terpenes, but cannabis contains significant concentrations of them. Terpenes, in addition to providing the pleasant and varied scents found among different cannabis strains, add to the plant’s medicinal qualities. Here we’ll explore what terpenes are, their function in nature, the terpenes commonly found in cannabis, and their proven potential […]

A Brief History of American CBD Prohibition

The cannabis compound cannabidiol – often abbreviated as merely “CBD” — has an arguably unrivaled legal history in terms of its complexity. Since 2018, CBD is now fully legal across the United States – provided, critically, that it meets certain technical criteria. But it wasn’t always that way. Let’s take a brief journey through time […]

The Storied and Remarkable History of CBD

Like The Little Engine That Could, the upstart cannabis compound cannabidiol (or CBD for short) has burst into the public consciousness with greater force than most of its critics might have anticipated. Its emergence into the mainstream is especially surprising against the backdrop of the multi-decade “War on Drugs” with cannabis squarely in the crosshairs. […]

The Transformative Potential Health Benefits of CBD

CBD is one of, if not the most, well-researched plant compounds with dozens of documented potential health benefits in animals (both human and non-human). Here, we’ll cover the waterfront of CBD’s transformative potential health benefits. Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive listing of CBD’s many physiological effects, but rather a summary of […]

How to Read and Interpret Certification of Analysis Like a CBD Pro

CBD occupies a unique economic space; it’s a relatively new industry (hemp was only legalized for nationwide commercial production in 2018) without a robust regulatory infrastructure behind it. Given the regulatory limbo, analysts have dubbed the budding CBD industry a “Wild West” in the sense that there is no single established authority governing its production, […]

Can Pet Owners Use CBD For Dogs?

We get a lot of questions from pet caretakers along the lines of: can man’s best friend benefit from CBD? The answer is yes! Here we’ll discuss how cannabidiol (CBD) can provide many of the same health benefits to dogs that the compound provides to humans, how dogs’ bodies respond to CBD supplementation, and which […]