A Brief History of American CBD Prohibition

The cannabis compound cannabidiol – often abbreviated as merely “CBD” — has an arguably unrivaled legal history in terms of its complexity. Since 2018, CBD is now fully legal across the United States – provided, critically, that it meets certain technical criteria. But it wasn’t always that way. Let’s take a brief journey through time […]

The Storied and Remarkable History of CBD

Like The Little Engine That Could, the upstart cannabis compound cannabidiol (or CBD for short) has burst into the public consciousness with greater force than most of its critics might have anticipated. Its emergence into the mainstream is especially surprising against the backdrop of the multi-decade “War on Drugs” with cannabis squarely in the crosshairs. […]

The Transformative Potential Health Benefits of CBD

CBD is one of, if not the most, well-researched plant compounds with dozens of documented potential health benefits in animals (both human and non-human). Here, we’ll cover the waterfront of CBD’s transformative potential health benefits. Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive listing of CBD’s many physiological effects, but rather a summary of […]

How to Read and Interpret Certification of Analysis Like a CBD Pro

CBD occupies a unique economic space; it’s a relatively new industry (hemp was only legalized for nationwide commercial production in 2018) without a robust regulatory infrastructure behind it. Given the regulatory limbo, analysts have dubbed the budding CBD industry a “Wild West” in the sense that there is no single established authority governing its production, […]

Can Pet Owners Use CBD For Dogs?

We get a lot of questions from pet caretakers along the lines of: can man’s best friend benefit from CBD? The answer is yes! Here we’ll discuss how cannabidiol (CBD) can provide many of the same health benefits to dogs that the compound provides to humans, how dogs’ bodies respond to CBD supplementation, and which […]

What should you expect when trying cbd?

First-time CBD users understandably have a lot of questions – and, sometimes, reservations – regarding what they’ll experience the first time they try CBD. Here, we’ll endeavor to prepare you for what to expect and how you can make your CBD journey as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. What Is CBD and how does it […]

Fixing your sleep schedule for good

We’ve all been there – you lay in bed, counting sheep, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Or you wake up throughout the night frequently, missing out on the deepest, most restorative sleep. Whatever pattern your disordered sleep schedule follows, the effect is that you emerge from bed the next day with symptoms ranging […]

CBD May Protect Your Memory (w/ the Scientific Evidence)

CBD Memory

Among all of CBD’s many potentially health-boosting benefits, its neuroprotective properties perhaps stand out most. In this science-based review, we’ll explore the particular potential benefits of CBD for protecting memory and how to choose the right CBD product to maximize the benefit for your brain health. After learning about the neuroprotective properties of CBD for […]

Breathe Easy: A Joint a Day May Do No Harm to Expiratory Airflow

Dare Campaign

If you grew up around the turn of the century or slightly before (i.e., a millennial or Gen X-er), you might remember D.A.R.E.-style propaganda campaigns designed to frighten children into never touching cannabis (along with other substances banned by the federal government).  One of the primary tools in the anti-cannabis toolbox was the (now proven […]